5th April

As I said we had the estate agent booked to come round at one tp take pictures of the house.  So we spent the morning desperately trying to get the house into some sort of order. I had to do an emergency trip to Argos to pick up a new vacuum cleaner when ours decided to finally give up the ghost this morning.

Typically the first room he wanted to photograph was the living room and while we were moving guinea pig hutches out and clearing DVDs Jubbly suddenly appeared and jumped onto the chair in the living room. Oh what a lovely cat the Estate agent said just as the world fell out of his bottom (that’s Jubbly not the Estate agent!) There was poo all over the chair but luckily it had just (ok well almost) missed his jacket (that’s the estate agent’s jacket not Jubbly’s!). It was what I call mortifying!

We did eventually get everything sorted and the photos taken. As we’d pulled everything out of the living room he couldn’t get a picture of the dining room as that was where it all ended up. We signed all the papers and off he went. We then had to dash over to Aylesford to go to the sawdust shop before it closed at 4pm. Then Tesco on the way back and then Sarah and I crashed out for a whole 40 minutes before we had to set about putting everything back into the living room!

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