7th April


What a joyful start to the week! We were heading off to work this morning and as we approached the A2 the traffic ground to a halt. It was obvious that there was some sort of obstruction up ahead but the traffic was moving albeit very slowly and filtering down to one lane to get past. As we got to the front of the  queue, two cars from the front in fact, a Highways Agency vehicle arrived with lights flashing and a sign in the back that said “Do not pass” – he pulled over in front of us and was soon joined by Police Ambulance and 2 Fire Engines. We were there for over an hour! the irony was that on one side of us traffic was thundering past on the main A2 and on the other side of us Eurostar trains regularly went steaming past London bound but we were just stuck! Eventually the traffic started to move and we were finally on our way. they’d had to cut the roof of one of the cars involved in the accident so it must have been quite serious!

Then after work I had to go to Sarah’s brother new flat to pick up Sarah and the kids before dashing back to collect the students who arrived at 9:30 last night. When we got back to the house we found this……


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