8th April


Yet another early start as I have to get to Milton Keynes by 9:30 for another day of filming for Coca Cola. Once again I had to do a H&S thing before being allowed on site. Another girl was doing it before me so I watched as she did it and at the end she was asked 5 questions which I thought was alright. When it was my turn I started to do my little test and there were more and harder questions! It turned out that she got to do the easy version as she worked for Coca Cola whereas as a contractor I had to do the full version. I got the first 19 questions correct but fell down on the very last question as I hadn’t really paid much attention to what colour drain was for rainwater only! I did however spot that one of the rules and regulations forbade taking any video films while on site…..oops!

I filmed a couple of interviews and then had to go and filminthe factory. the room where I filmed the interviews overlooked the canning area which looked like a huge train set. Outside the window was a track where the cans were turned through 90 degrees as they when back down to ground level – it was actually quite beautiful – like watching poetry!

Again I had to get all dressed up in H&S equipment including hairnet and beard snood – apparently that’s what they’re called and today’s was red and fitted better than the last one once I’d worked out how it went on. I got to see the Capri Sun filling machine as well as the machine that makes and fills cans of Monster energy drink – I love all these machines – if I’d known engineering could be this exciting I might have had a different career!

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