11th April

Off on holiday and for once we’re away on time but as ever we only get as far as the M25 before we grind to a halt. Thankfully once we’re through the tunnel the rest of the journey to Norfolk is a smooth run.

As has become standard when we get to a Park Resorts site we’re unhappy with some aspect of the accommodation we’re given.  This time it’s because the chalet smells – I noticed it as soon as we walked in and I’ve got a really bad sense of smell so if I noticed it it must have been bad! We were offered a caravan but when we had a look it was small and pokey and the bed in the main room looked like it was about to collapse. Also Ben was quite upset about not staying in the chalet so we decide to stay put and buy some fabreze!


The traditional first night fish and chips were bought on the way back from Asda.

And we saw Naarky!


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