12th April

Went into Norwich and had a mooch around the shops. Sarah wanted to try and get Ben some trousers. We parked under the forum and when we got to the top of the stairs we found a gaming demonstration in process – Ben could have quite happily spent all day in there playing Skylanders. At first we thought he might be annoying the guy who was playing the same machine but after a while we decided that Ben had more of a clue about how to play it!


Ben found this greyhound with a cool jumper on one of the stalls outside. We had lunch near the outdoor market which had some great vintage clothes stalls but it waa in one of the charity shops that I found the thing I really wanted. It was a tail coat, in my size – something I’ve always wanted. But it was ¬£35 and as it was the first day of the holiday I had to leave it – sigh!


Went for a walk along the beach in the evening. Ben took his sword and threw himself around causing Sarah to panic about his recently broken arm.

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