16th April

Today was spent in Great Yarmouth – Ben has been wanting to go to a Sea Life Centre for quite a while so once we’d found somewhere to park we headed straight there.




After we came out we caught the little train back along the sea front and had our lunch overlooking the sea. Afterwards Sarah had been itching to go on the snail ride as she’d been on it with her Grandad when she was little. Ben and I went on a couple of other rides including the kiddie roller coaster which he didn’t initially want to go on but we got a free ride when we bought a picture of them on the snails. It was that ride he later said was his favourite!

Ben also had a donkey ride on the beach and he enjoyed playing the compgain in the Eon windfarm exhibition centre. We were going to have fish & chips on the beach but it got so chilly we decided against it. After looking up all the local carveries and pubs we decided to head back and get fish & chips from the local place we’d gone to the other night.

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