21st April

Much nicer day today – sun is out!


We’re back to tidying the house and last night Lissi left a huge mound of rubbish just inside the front door so when I’m up I take it and a load of stuff out of the shed down to the dump. I go nice and early but unfortunately everyone else seems to have the same idea so I still have to queue.

When I’m back I take some of the stuff that had accumulated in the shed up to the garage. I collected a load of cine stuff a few years back but the cost of cine film recently went through the roof so I decided that I’d store it until I can actually afford to do something with it! I also took 3 flat screen monitors and a PC which had been taking up space. On the way back Sarah wanted me to get a match pot of paint to cover the water mark on the dining room ceiling from where we had a leaking pipe a few years ago. I thought it would be easier to go to B&Q but I forgot it was bank holiday and it was heaving. So after I struggled to find a parking space I went in and they didn’t have the one I wanted! I had a look at the plants but decided not to buy any!

In the afternoon we tried to clean up the decking. Sarah had an idea to soak it with vinegar and the scrub it with warm soapy water. Unfortunately one bottle of vinegar didn’t go very far so we had to dispatch Lissi to Aldi to buy some more. It seemed to work but the weather was closing in so the last bit was done in a hurry.

Back to work tomorrow – sniff!

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