22nd April

First day back at work after our holidays and by 11 o’clock I’ve completely forgotten I’d been away. One of the last things I did before I left was send an e-mail to a colleague asking them to hire in an edit machine for tomorrow but they’ve forgotten and guess what – they’re not in today. So I have to ring up the hire company and organise it but our insurance has expired so I have to find the insurance documents to send over but they’re not good enough they want the name of the broker – it’s on top of the document I send you! Then the broker won’t speak to them without our permission……and all the while our poor driver is sat outside waiting.

We have some French students arriving tonight so I have to go and pick them up but while I’m driving home from work I get a call to say that they’re already there so I have to go straight to get them – poor souls were almost the last to be collected! They seem nice got good English and have given us loads of French sweets as a gift – including one packet that was made by the father of one of the girls – which are jellys and some sort of alcoholic sweets! Shame I can’t eat them today as it’s a fasting day!

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