23rd April

What a nice dossy day today was – I had to go to Uxbridge but just for once I didn’t have to take a camera or indeed drive there and what’s more I didn’t have to be there till 1:30! So I spend the morning at home before going off with a nice packed lunch which included sandwiches made with the last of the gammon from the other day to eat on the train!

I’m a few minutes late but due to a communication breakdown end up being apologised to! We set up in one of their meeting rooms but there’s a colour missing from the projector and the sound doesn’t work. We get the video finished and I’m back on the train home by 4:50!

While I’m sitting with the client I check my e-mails and I’ve got one from the people organising the Spencer Tunick event in Folkstone next month – I don’t even have to open because I can see the first few words…..you have been chosen! Oops – I think I’m more nervous about telling Sarah than actually doing it!

The students have got questionnaires to fill in for their school and they’re asking questions like how many kids, names, pets etc. It’s all good fun!

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