26th April

Today is the day of our “Open House” viewing but first we’re dashing around trying to get ready for a viewer at 10am. I end up cutting my hand when I was dashing to shave and it was pouring with blood as I tried to wash the soap off my face and put everything away! Ironically it turned out not to be as late as I thought it was and even more ironically the viewer didn’t turn up! We rang the Estate agent and apparently there never was anyone coming which is odd as we both remember them saying there was while we were away!

Anyway it gives us time to chill out and have a final tidy up. And the good news is that the man yesterday has made an offer for £170,000 which was good but as we’d asked for offers in excess of £170,000 it was a bit disappointing (well only a bit!). The actual open house was a bit mad as we had about 6 couples turn up. Two of them had seen the house before – one while we were away and the other couple had seen it on Tuesday and we’d been told by the Estate Agent that they’d said they weren’t interested but here they were again! Just after the Estate left at 3pm another couple turned up and we showed them around.

At about 5pm we rand the Agents to give them the details of the couple who arrived late and we were told the couple who’d been on Tuesday and again today had made an offer of £174,000 – yes! So now we had two offers!

In the evening we went over to Sarah’s brother’s flat to have a meal with Sarah’s family as it was her mum’s birthday! So we got back quite late and fell into bed absolutely exhausted!

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