28th April


Up really early to go to Milton Keynes for a Coca Cola job which is being held in a marquee outside the factory I’m filmed at a few weeks ago. I realise that I have no cash so stop off at the cashpoint to get some – struggling as it doesn’t make it obvious that it only has £20 notes in it and I’m trying to get out £10! Eventually it twigs and I get my cash. Ironically I then get to the Dartford Crossing before the fee kicks in!

While I’m up on site Sarah keeps me informed about the house situation! We end up with 5, yes 5! offers! One at £165 and two at £171 as well as the one for £170 and £174 we’ve already had! Plus she finds a really cool house which is just slightly higher than we were hoping to pay but as it’s already been reduced down from £80,000 to £72,000 it might just be ok. The house has a huge garden with sheds, summerhouse plus a greenhouse and a workshop – sounds ideal!

We had some more students arrive tonight – these are slightly older but again quite good English! They gave us chocolate too!

As if to emphasise one of the reason for the move – just as we are feeling good about accepting the offer a group of lads walk past and one of them thumps the For Sale sign breaking it – be glad when we are out of here I can tell you!

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