29th April

I had to shoot my boss today!

He had been asked to make a short video for the leaving celebrations of one of his clients – he’d been working with her for almost 20 years. So we found a nice space at the top of the stairs and set the camera up there. I have to say it felt really odd doing this in our own offices – now there’s a contradiction feeling odd doing your job at your place of work! It’s odd though as although I do this regularly it’s usually at someone else’s office or at a venue not back here in front of my colleagues where setting up a camera, wearing headphones and waving a rifle microphone around suddenly seems like odd behaviour!

And talking of odd behaviour!

One of the people who put in an offer on our house, actually the lowest bid, turned up on our doorstep today and offered an additional £11,000 plus offered to pay our legal fees! This would have taken the sale price to £176,000 but we’d already said yes to the other people and we weren’t about to start going back on our word. Besides which if she could do that I suspect she would have found any reason at all to try and knock the price back down again during the sales process especially given that she told me at the open house that she couldn’t afford £170,000.


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