30th April

So this morning after dropping the students off I dash over to the Doctor’s surgery to pick up a prescription for me and Sarah. However as I turn into the road I realise I’m stuck behind the recycling lorry slowly making its way down the street. So as soon as I can I find a space and park up and continue the journey on foot. When I get there my prescription is there but Sarah’s isn’t – the receptionist tells me it mustn’t be ready yet but I point out that it should be as they were both submitted at the same time.

“Maybe there’s a query” she says and looks through the pile of prescriptions on the desk, twice! So then she goes into the system but after initially mistaking a prescription issued in January for the current one she admits that it hasn’t been raised. She then checks the data coming in from the online ordering system and sure enough Sarah’s is there which means that for some reason it hasn’t been done.

“Can you come back later, around 12:30 it’ll be ready for you then” she asks but I point out that this isn’t possible as we do this thing called work. Well can you come back another day – again I point out that as they are only open 3 mornings a week it’s difficult to actually find a time which is convenient to pop in. Eventually we agree that she’ll fax it (how quaint) to a pharmacy of our choice and apologises once again. I point out that this isn’t an isolated incident and it’s everytime we have dealings with them.

I’m running very late by this point so I have to dash back and pick up Sarah and Ben who is ten minutes late for school already. We set off in the car and just as we’re approaching the school we get stuck behind another rubbish lorry. This whole weekly collection of recycling that Medway introduced a few months ago means that there are now 3 different lorries coming to your house every week and the increased number of them is causing even more havoc in the rush hour – especially as they always seem to do the main roads and areas around schools at the worst possible time!

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