27th May

Back to work – really tiring day with lots of concentrating on the computer screen which left me with a bit of a headache at the end. This wasn’t helped by an awful traffic jam on the M25 meaning I had to detour off down the M20 and just got back in time to pick up the students at 7pm.

After dinner we had to go shopping to pick up food for the party on Friday. We’d seen some sandwich platter in Morrisons in Consett but when we went to our local store they didn’t do them! We had to call round other stores before we eventually found one that did – Maidstone! Afterwards we went to Asda where I started to lose the will to live especially when there were only automated checkouts open and a lot of our stuff wouldn’t register when we put it in the bags.

We finally got back at about 11;20 and I still had to put all the bins out. Then I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at 1am and when I did go to bed I slept really badly!

26th May

Long tiring drive back – we had to be back to pick up some students at 7pm otherwise I would have stopped and had a kip! I was zonked by the time the evening came round especially as we had to go to Aldi to buy food as well!

25th May

Went to have another look at the house today – with Lissi who came up on the coach last night. I still really like it despite not seeing it in the best light due to wet and miserable weather – still better get used to that. Having said that it was actually a bit warmer today and I’d actually managed to get shorts on!

We measured stuff and tried to work out where to put things! We discussed with the people who were there what they could leave. They’d cleared out the summerhouse and it was looking lovely in there. They were already going to leave the furniture but have also agreed to leave the ornaments and decorations too. Seems like the perfect place to practice meditation!



In the evening Jean cooked us roast lamb and after she’d gone to bed Sarah and I went out for a walk – to the local pub!

24th May

Today we went into Sunderland to try and buy presents for Lissi’s birthday. Sunderland seems to change everytime I go there and there were loads of roadworks between the town centre and the river – no idea what was going on! Luckily for us Ben spotted where Primark has moved to before we set off to walk all the way to where it used to be!

Got dragged round clothes shops with my tummy hurting a lot. I drank some prune juice when I got back and it went absolutely mental – lots of gurgling, wind and erm….smells! I’d joked that I preferred diarrhoea to constipation but didn’t actually mean it!

23rd May

Up in the North East again for the second time in a few weeks – spent today looking at two possible schools for Ben. The one in the village is quite small and already over subscribed but the headteacher did say that it should be possible for Ben to get a place. The classes only have 20 pupils in them. The other school in the next village was bigger and the council have told us that if Ben gets given a place there they’d send him in a cab each day. there was a marked contrast between the two schools – this one seemed more touchy feely as opposed to the more business like feel in the first one.

Tonight Becky rang Sarah in tears and well basically “came out” to her on the phone. Quite why she didn’t think we’d already sussed that one or would even remotely be bothered by it I really don’t know!

22nd May

So off up to London for a meeting with a client. As we’re approaching London I get up and walk down the corridor to go to the loo but when I get there I find it’s out of service. I really couldn’t be bothered to fight my way back to my seat so I end up standing for the remainder of the journey.

On arrival at Victoria I decided thst paying 30p for the station loo was a bit much so I went up the escalator to the food court in the shopping centre. To my surprise I then found that they actually wanted 50p to use their loos. I was gobsmacked both by the cost and by the number of people blindly paying the exorbitant fee. It wasn’t helped by the fact that the change machine was out of order as well and there wasn’t an attendant to be seen.

Still one good thing has come out of this situation – I now know that I’m not too old to crawl under the barriers!

Driving north tonight we passed signs on the A1 – one said A1 closed at A6136, the other said A19 closed at A185 – now my question is – is a complete encyclopaedic knowledge of uk road numbers just something I missed out on?

20th May

Stressy day at work, wasn’t sure if I was going to get everything done in time but in the end I got it all done in time and managed to get away fifteen minutes early.

Had a lot of discomfort with my hernia in the evening – quite painful.

18th May

A quiet day where the most exciting thing we did was go to Asda!

It was a beautiful day though and I sat in the garden playing my mandolin.  Ben came out, looked at me and said “that’s beautiful” – bless him!