1st May

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up this morning but I’d completely forgotten about it being May Day and missed the opportunity to go up to Blue Bell Hill for what could be the very last time. Still judging by the weather I think I’d have probably gone back to bed when I heard the rain lashing against the window!

The journey home from work tonight is awful – it takes me almost two hours which gives me lots of time to ponder. When I first moved to Rochester it used to take me an hour and that was still the case 11 years later when Sarah and I first got together. However in the subsequent 11 years the journey time has increased to the point where it is regularly and hour and a half and more increasingly it’s pushing 2 hours. Curiously the journey time to work has stayed pretty constant at around an hour! I also heard on the radio plans to build a 15,000 home new town at Ebbsfleet and given that it’s most often around that area that the traffic delays are the longest then it can only get worse in the years to come. If they were stupid enough to build the estuary airport as well then god only knows what will happen!

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