2nd May

I took the afternoon off as we were going up to Sunderland and we wanted to get away early. It seemed to work because we sailed through the Dartford Tunnel and were off the M25 and heading north on the M11 in no time at all. In fact the whole journey was ok until we got to around York. There were signs on the Motorway telling us the A19 was closed at the A67 – useful information if, and only if, you happen to know where the A67 is! Some frantic googling revealed that it was indeed on our route so we decided to stay on the A1 instead but this lead us to run into some roadworks just south of Scotch Corner. Luckily it was only a minor delay and we were in Sunderland by 11.

I’d been a bit worried about telling my Step mum why we were coming up but in the end I needn’t have worried as she was over the moon to hear our news.

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