3rd May

Up early this morning as we have a full day of looking at house and our first appointment is at 10:15 and it’s a good 45 minute drive away. We fall instantly in love with the property which stands as part of a single row of houses overlooking a field with a lane that runs along the back. On the other side of the lane are gardens which are in various states of tidiness ranging from beautifully laid out strips to one which look as if you’d need a team of professionals to get into! Some have sheds, one even seems to have a house being built on it, another has a wrecked van!

Inside the house is just what we are looking for! The front door opens into a small enclosed garden, there’s a lounge and a kitchen diner as well as a utility area. Upstairs are three good size bedrooms and a bathroom plus stairs up to an attic space which is all boarded out and has a velux window. Bed liked the cupboard under the eaves as it had two doors and you could go into one and come out of the other! We can’t believe it – have we found our perfect house at the first attempt. We even spend 15 minutes talking to one of the neighbours before we head off  – more than we’ve done in 7 years at our current address. As I drive away I’m asking myself the question could I wake up to this view every morning?



The second house is not so far away and is equally impressive albeit not from the outside! We spot it as we drive past and find that the owner isn’t expecting us but she lets us view the house anyway. It’s a quirky house with an upstairs kitchen as well as the beautiful kitchen diner downstairs. Two houses knocked into one as far as we could see. It would almost be a case of grown ups downstairs kids upstairs on this one! There’s a living room and bedroom downstairs and a further 3 bedrooms and another lounge upstairs. Bathrooms up and down too. It’s only got a yard though but it’s a good size one and it overlooks what looks like an area that used to have houses a long time ago where there is currently a horse grazing! There are views over the fields beyond. There’s even a shop over the road and although the area isn’t as nice as we would have liked it’s still a nice house. So we’ve seen two houses so far both of which we could happily live in – is this going to be as hard as we feared!

We spend the rest of the day driving around looking at another 8 houses ranging from the North East Coast back to the Bishop Auckland area and up towards Tow Law and Sunniside (where we’d spend a couple of holidays a few years back and this idea had probably taken root!). Luckily for our sanity non of the rest live up to the first two with the exception of one in West Auckland which is really nice but needs carpets throughout the entire house. It also has a quirky garden which is not only across the lane like the first one but actually out of the backyard, along behind the houses and then up an alleyway – it looks a good size even though we can’t get the door open and resort to holding the camera above the fence to take a picture!

So by the time Sarah and I get back to my Step mum’s were exhausted and in desperate need of a cup of tea and a gin and tonic respectively and we’ve narrowed the ten down to 3 which four more properties to see tomorrow including the one that was the favourite on paper before we left!

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