5th May

Last night we phoned the owners of the property and asked if we could go and have another look on our way home and they said yes. So after breakfast we packed everything up and said goodbye to Step mum and headed off to Tow Law. We parked up and went in. They let us wander round and take some pictures to show Lissi when we got back – all in all we were there about an hour chatting and asking questions. Nothing we saw made us falter in our decision that we’d found the right one. It was after all in the village I had wanted to live in – when Sarah asked me where to start looking I said start with Tow Law and work outwards and that’s what we’d done. The scenery is beautiful on the roads running up to the village being as it is on the edge of the Northern Pennines.

Yesterday we’d discovered a play area at the end of the street and we let Ben go down there while we talked to the people in the house so when we left we wandered down to pick him up. There’s no way we’d do that in the south but here feels so safe. We help catch two escaping dogs for their owner and then were heading back to the car when we stopped to talk to the lady 3 doors down from the house. “So” she said “Did you buy it?”. We laughed and said it was a distinct possibility. “Good” she said “we need some younger people in the street!”

Afterwards we drove over to the big Tesco in Consett which had to have the best view I’ve ever seen from a supermarket carpark! And there were the sheep again! We bought some sandwiches and drinks and put some more petrol in the car and then set off home. I took a wrong turning and we accidentally ended up in Crook where we stopped to look at buses. The Estate Agent selling the property was on the corner but it was closed otherwise we might have gone and made an offer there and then!

We set off again and drove down through Bishop Auckland and Darlington before picking up the motorway. It was a good run back apart from when I absent mindedly drove past the A1 turn off and had to go down the M1 and back across the M62. We got back about 8pm. I looked around outside the house and realised why we were moving!

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