6th May

So today we put in an offer on the house. It was on the market originally at £80k but had recently been reduced down to £72k. Sarah rang them and said we were willing to offer £68k but the Agent told her that she thought they wouldn’t take less than £70k. So we split the difference and said £69k.

After a while they got back to us and said that the owners were holding out for £70k so I said that we’d offer that if they left things like the cooker, curtains etc. The agent said that she thought they’d go for that but would need to speak to the people who showed us around and they’d need to speak to their parents who actually own the property. They didn’t think they’d be able to get back to us till tomorrow!

Meanwhile we had another offer on our house. The guy who put in the offer of £170k first of all after he saw it on the Friday upped it to £177,500! It was higher than the offer we accepted but we didn’t feel like we could do it to the people who we had already accepted the offer from. I don’t know why the Agent couldn’t have done  a ring round of the lower offers before we accepted the £174k offer.


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