7th May

I was up at Central Hall Westminster today filming someone who I think was vaguely famous. I’ve forgotten her name but I think she was a minor TV presenter. Anyway she was really bubbly and a good speaker and a pleasure to film – it’s good to have someone who can actually string a sentence together in front of the camera – even if she was an hour late turning up!

I suppose it had to happen – I got the camera out of the bag and there wasn’t any memory cards in the bag! It used to happen with tape cameras so I shouldn’t be surprised that it happens with digital ones too! Luckily I had a 4Gb card in my bag and by dropping the picture size and quality down a bit I managed to get it to record 12 minutes which luckily turned out to be more than enough on this occasion.

While I was there Sarah messaged me to say the people had accepted our offer and we are now officially buying that house – exciting and scary all at the same time!

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