8th May

More good news today…..

An e-mail from a solicitor:

I am pleased to confirm I have now received your Dad’s grant of probate and I will therefore now start to collect in the assets.  My estimate is one month at the earliest before we will be in a position to make a distribution as the organisations we are collecting the assets from are generally large and bureaucratic.  I am however very pleased we have got the Probate as the Probate Registry were not as efficient as they usually are, in this case.

So it’s all coming together nicely – it’s only taken three years, two months and thirteen days to get to this point but as Sarah pointed out these things happen for a reason and if we’d got it two years ago we would have done something different to what we are planning to do. Maybe my Dad was watching over us!

And to make things even better the client who was coming in today that I woke up dreading actually only stayed for half an hour in the end and I was expecting him to be here all day – result. Then to make the day even better I got my new work MacBook and 8Tb external hard drive – cool!

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