22nd May

So off up to London for a meeting with a client. As we’re approaching London I get up and walk down the corridor to go to the loo but when I get there I find it’s out of service. I really couldn’t be bothered to fight my way back to my seat so I end up standing for the remainder of the journey.

On arrival at Victoria I decided thst paying 30p for the station loo was a bit much so I went up the escalator to the food court in the shopping centre. To my surprise I then found that they actually wanted 50p to use their loos. I was gobsmacked both by the cost and by the number of people blindly paying the exorbitant fee. It wasn’t helped by the fact that the change machine was out of order as well and there wasn’t an attendant to be seen.

Still one good thing has come out of this situation – I now know that I’m not too old to crawl under the barriers!

Driving north tonight we passed signs on the A1 – one said A1 closed at A6136, the other said A19 closed at A185 – now my question is – is a complete encyclopaedic knowledge of uk road numbers just something I missed out on?

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