30th May


This year Sarah was 40, Becky is 21 and today Lissi is 18 so we had a joint party at a local hotel.  My brother and his family even turned up and out friends Tony and Camilla came down from the Midlands with their baby daughter.

We spent most of the day running around organising food including a trip to Maidstone to pick up sandwiches. We overdid it on the cakes and then forgot to put them out so we’re to be eating cakes for some time to come!

Beth came as well – someone quipped that it was the most of us that had been together for ages without someone having to die! At the end of the evening we asked her boyfriend if he’d take the leftover food and presents back in his car and he said he would. What he really should have said was I’ve only got a small car and the boot is already half full!  Anyway we got Ben and all the stuff in but Sarah and I had to walk back!

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