4th June

Solicitors are the bane of my life!

I rang the one dealing with the property sale and purchase yesterday as I wasn’t very happy because when he’d sent out the paperwork he’d sent a letter the following day saying that he’d heard from our estate agent that we wished for him to act on our behalf and would we care to get in touch. He’d also included in the letter about mortgages despite the fact that I’d already told them we wouldn’t be needing one! There were a couple more inconsistencies as well! I’d asked him at the time if it was ok to just push the identity stuff through the letterbox on the way to work and he said that was fine they’d send the passports back to us by recorded delivery.

In the end Sarah said she’d prefer to take them in so she did after work. So that’s what she did tonight on the way back from work. Once again he asked “did we have our mortgage offer yet?” and then told Sarah that I’d have to come in so he could see that I matched my passport photo. FFS – he’s not exactly filling me with confidence!

And as for the probate solicitor – I e-mailed her 3 days ago and haven’t had a reply – if I treat my clients like this I’d be out of work!

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