10th June

I’ve got an early start and have to be in London by 7am so I’m on the 5:45 train! At the next stop some blokes in suits get on – two of them are already in conversation about some stuff one of them has been doing to his summerhouse. Apparently he bought some speakers over the weekend – they were £60 and they were really good as they were “this big!”. He then goes on to say that he had an old Technics HiFi which he dug out and put in the shed and then he….and this is the clever bit….wired the speakers that came with the HiFi into the left channel and the new speakers into the right channel and now he can fade between the speakers in the shed and the ones outside!

I didn’t have the heart to tell him he’d wasted £60!

The conference was good – about energy with lots of discussion about Climate change and the future of electricity generation in the UK. Before lunch we had the Secretary for State and after lunch the Shadow secretary which was interesting. John Selwyn Gummer, as was, now Baron Deben spoke as well but no one was force fed any beef burgers.

The big boss of E.on was there – it was all I could do to stop myself telling him what an awful company I though he was running (EDIT see Thursday for more details)

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