12th June

If there is one company in this world I hate above all of the rest it’s E.on – it’s so just bloody annoying that they keep coming our as our cheapest option! I had to spend weeks dealing with them in November when they cocked up my gas bill and left me in arrears but after much going back and forth we agreed a figure which was a £50 a month increase which would cover the gas, electric and arrears.

Then last week I got an e-mail from them telling me that my annual review had been carried out and they were increasing my DD by a further £55 a month – so I rang them just now. They refused to do anything about it as they hadn’t had a meter reading since November! I explained how difficult it was to do meter readings as they were in the cupboard under the stairs and how their meter reader always turned up unannounced just as we were leaving for work. Still he wouldn’t budge so I gave him a demonstration of how difficult it was to read the meter!

I opened the cupboard and made sure he could hear me pulling all the crap out then I read the electric meter – just to prove how difficult it was my first attempt read the first figure as a 9 whereas it was really a 4 but the meter is so low down it’s difficult to read. Then I left him on hold while I went and found my mobile phone and proceeded to get into the cupboard with the E.on guy, still on the phone, and my mobile and used the mobile to read the gas meter by taking pictures of it!

He put my readings into his system and guess what! It would appear that the figure we worked out in November was actually correct and there is no need for a increase in my DD – thieving bastards! We’ve lived here for 7 years and all that time E.on have been our only supplier so you’d think they’d have enough historical data by now to be able to make a half decent attempt at estimating the bill wouldn’t you?

He actually had the cheek to suggest that I might want to check the website later as it could be possible that even going back to the old figure would end up with me paying too much!

Did I get an apology – did I b*llocks!

Hasn’t done my bad back any favours either!

While I’m in that E.on mood let’s phone the solicitors….

Oh hello I’m phoning because i rang on Monday about the email I sent last week which I didn’t get a reply to. I was told someone would ring me back but they haven’t.

Oh I’m sorry sir let me put you through….click…..ring…..

I’m afraid I’m not in the office this morning……

I do wonder how some people manage to stay in business I really do!

Working up in London this evening so catch the afternoon train up to Victoria. In order to save £4.70 and enjoy the sunshine I decide to walk to the Royal Garden Hotel – which is 2.5 miles away. It took slightly longer than I thought it would but luckily I’d left enough time and arrived on time. It was red hot and I was perspiring like a pig by the time I got there!

Job turned out to be a lot easier than I expected and involved filming 6 short pieces to camera and then editing them into a video to show after dinner – I started at 4 and was finished by 8:30 and that included eating a very nice meal of duck and a dessert that had a lemon and basil sauce – yummy! I could have got away earlier but the guest speaker was Ken Livingstone and I hung around to hear him speak – he was quite funny in places and I enjoyed it!

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