14th June

Had to go shopping for stuff for Ben’s pirate treasure hunt today – we forgot how awful Tesco would be on a Saturday and it was made worse by all the drongos who were in there bulk buying alcohol for the England game! I do despair of this country where most people seem to be incapable of doing anything without tanking themselves up on beer – Christmas>Alcohol, Easter>Alcohol Bank Holiday>Alcohol World cup>Alcohol etc etc etc

Needless to say the drunks were out in full force tonight shouting and screaming down our street on the way home from the pub to watch the match – wonder if they even remembered the score the next morning! Our For Sale sign, which only got put back up yesterday, was once again punched or kicked down – that’s about the fifth time since it went up!

England got beat in the end 2:1 by Italy but just for once it didn’t feel too bad as the team actually seemed to play quite well (well compared to their usual dismal performances anyway!)

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