19th June

The students were actually back early tonight! I think they’d been told that being late wouldn’t be very popular especially as the England game kicks off at 8pm and they have to be back down at the coach at 7:15 in the morning!

Ah the England game – their reasonable performance against Italy on Sunday seems to have been a one off as they play like a big pile of crap again tonight. Kick and rush is back, there’s nothing on the wing like the last game and balls are just randomly lobbed into the area or shot wildly in th general direction of the goal so it’s no surprise that Uruguay go 1-0 up before half time!

England are no better in the second half so it comes as a complete shock when Rooney manages to get a toe to a cross and pop the ball in the net to equalise! In the following minutes it actually looks like they might get a second to save themselves but sadly it’s not to be and within a few minutes Gerrard has made a cock up which allows Suarez to put another goal firmly in the back of England’s net – his second of the game. England never look like a team that can score two goals in 10 minutes and so they lose their second match. They’re all but on that plane back home – unless they can beat Costa Rica and Italy win both their remaining matches – not very likely!

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