20th June

I had to get up ridiculously early again this morning to take the students to the drop off point. I just threw my clothes on and had a shower when I got back. I’d also had the sense to do most of the packed lunches last night and to half lay the breakfast table. So what could have been quite stressful wasn’t.

I’ve started to get very annoyed again with the probate solicitor! I still haven’t had any update on how collecting in the money from my dad’s estate is going. Garry was supposed to speak toher last weekend and then he promised that she’d get an update to us by end of play Wednesday which of course never arrived. So today I sent him a stroppy text saying that I’m annoyed and if I haven’t had an update from her by 10 am on Monday I will contact her myself and tell her what I think – even if she is his wife’s sister!

Lissi was a t work tonight so Sarah and I just had a quiet evening in with a kebab! We ended up crashing out as we were so tired and neither of us heard Lissi come back in.

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