21st June

I’d said earlier in the week that if my expenses were paid into my account on Thursday I’d get my hair cut today! Naturally when I need them most they don’t get paid in time but thankfully they did appear yesterday so me and Ben went for a haircut after Sarah had had her eyebrows done.

While I was waiting for Sarah I decided to go to the library to pick up some recycling bags – given that this would only take a couple of minutes I stuck my car into the car park without paying. As I walked away I suddenly remembered I’d left my wallet on the front seat so I went back to get it. As I turned round I noticed a traffic warden heading towards me – I’d looked around when I parked and there were none in sight but here was one now – I can only surmise that she’d been hiding waiting for someone to pounce on.

So I made a big play of looking for a ticket machine and then cursing that I didn’t have the correct money and driving off. I drove round but couldn’t find anywhere else to park as it’s all restricted round there – typical of Medway who also charge for you to park in the car park while you go in and get your parking permit renewed! Anyway I was just giving up and heading back to pick Sarah up when I spotted the traffic warden walking along the road outside the library so I drove back to the car park and parked in exactly the same space!


In the afternoon we headed up to the garage we rent to try and start the process of sorting out the stuff we want to take with us when we move. We rented the garage as a short term measure when we moved into our current house over 7 years ago! It’s contents have ebbed and flowed over the years but given that it’ll soon be 275 miles from the house we thought we best concentrate on the flowing of stuff from the garage to the dump!


There’s all sorts in there – most of my books, more of my records plus the camping stuff and a few computers! So after a couple of hours of sorting I’ve got a car full of stuff to go to the dump and a further box of books that I no longer want. Unfortunately the dump is shut by the time we finish so it’s going to have to stay in the car until I can take it in the morning.

Luckily it turns out that although I’m still giving Lissi a lift to her party tonight I’m no longer giving here friends a lift! The party turns out to be a 5 mile drive away in Upchruch in this posh looking place called the Barnyard. So by the time I’ve driven her there and home again and repeated the process at Midnight then I’m almost out of petrol! Hopefully I’ve got enough to get to the dump and the cashpoint in the morning before I run out!

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