1st June

A quiet day after the last two!  Tony and Camilla were up early and left after breakfast. We decided to go out with Ben so he wasn’t staring at the computer all afternoon.

We were going to go to Riverside but he said he wanted to go to Capstone (or capsize park as he called it!) To our surprise he didn’t want to play in the play area and instead insisted that we walk round the lake. Halfway round he took us off into the fields which it turned out they’d been in on a school trip.


He then conned us into buying him nuggets and chips for lunch in the cafĂ©. He wanted to play afterwards but wasn’t in the mood to queue up so we ended up going to Riverside as well where he had a bit of a run around and a climb!

31st May

Tony and Camilla and Sarah’s brother had to be up early so no lie in for us! We went over to the farm shop to buy sawdust and then Aldi to buy food for dinner.  We were just contemplating going back to bed for a nap when Tony and Camilla came back!

We cooked Lasagne and had a lovely evening. Tony bought a load of beer which the two of us drank. I seem to have agreed to buy Tony’s Land Rover off him – cool!

30th May


This year Sarah was 40, Becky is 21 and today Lissi is 18 so we had a joint party at a local hotel.  My brother and his family even turned up and out friends Tony and Camilla came down from the Midlands with their baby daughter.

We spent most of the day running around organising food including a trip to Maidstone to pick up sandwiches. We overdid it on the cakes and then forgot to put them out so we’re to be eating cakes for some time to come!

Beth came as well – someone quipped that it was the most of us that had been together for ages without someone having to die! At the end of the evening we asked her boyfriend if he’d take the leftover food and presents back in his car and he said he would. What he really should have said was I’ve only got a small car and the boot is already half full!  Anyway we got Ben and all the stuff in but Sarah and I had to walk back!

29th May


Awards ceremony tonight – the food and beverage advertising awards FAB. Now in its 16th year and I’ve done every one of them!

It’s at the Hurlingam club in Putney where it’s been for most of those 16 years except for the years that the club was being rebuilt. After the refurbishment they hung a load of pictures showing the history of the club. This is my favourite and it hangs in the gents!


I love the idea of the posh ladies doing a life class – don’t know why it just makes me chuckle!