24th – 27th June

I was working in Lisbon during this time

Once I got there that was! I had to check in a Heathrow at 6:15 so I had to leave home at 4:30! As soon as I got there the flight was showing a delay of one hour but it just kept getting put further and further back and it eventually took off at quarter past one.


Once I landed I jumped in a cab to the airport. I’d been given €90 for taxis so I was worried I was at the wrong hotel when it only cost €10. Thankfully it was the right one!


Didn’t get to see much of Lisbon – think I saw more out of the plane window as we flew in. We flew over a huge statue of Christ which looked like the one in Brazil. I hoped we be somewhere near it but we weren’t. In fact our hotel turned out to be quite near the airport and seriously on the flightpath!


The first night we just went for pizza in a local restaurant and then went back to the hotel bar where I rediscovered the delights of Long Island Iced Tea! The following night I’d already decided to go to a jazz club in town so I walked the two miles or so till I found it. It was about an hour before it opened so I went off to find somewhere to eat and as I did I was handed a flyer for an all you can eat curry buffet so that sounded a good idea so I went off and found it.


Hot Club de Lisboa has apparently been running since the 1940s and was in the same building until it burnt down a few years ago at which point it moved a couple of doors round the square to it’s current home. A small club with s bar st one end and stage at tbe other. Tonight it was the 14 piece house band playing the works of Charles Mingus. Fives saxs, three trombones, three trumpets, drums, piano and of course double bass. Two fantastic sets of music for €7.50.


One day while having lunch I glanced round and this caught my eye – my brain misread the name……oops!!


The flight was delayed on the way back as well but thankfully only by one hour. Air Portugal wasn’t the best airline I’ve ever been on but it was a pleasant enough flight.


We flew in over the Isle of Wight but sadly I was on the wrong side of the plane to see all my favourite places but I did have a lovely view of the Needles.


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