28th June to 3rd July

Lots of stuff going on with the house move, inheritence and preparing for SoL which starts on Friday 4th July

I had a good result on eBay. When we were tidying out the garage I found an old Tascam four track that I’d rescued from a skip when the company I worked for shut down one of it’s offices. I would love to have taken it with us but there won’t be room for everything so something has to give!


I was going to take it to the tip but decided that it was too good to dump so I thought I’d put it on eBay. I stuck it on at £30 along with a box of tapes I’d also found. It was bid on quite quickly and the number of watchers just kept going up. I checked with a few hours to go and it had gone up to £64 so I was well chuffed. We went to Asda and the auction ended while we were there and I was gobsmacked to find it sold for over £144!


Found this little fella sitting forlornly in a corner at Homebase. He told me he felt very sad because he’d been reduced from £7 to £3.50 and now he’d been knocked down to £1. I asked him if he’d like to come home with me and his spirits lifted only to be knocked back again when they knocked another 15p off him at the checkout. He’s now sharing the sunshine in the back garden with two other chilli plants and is feeling much better after having some water and baby bio. Ben has called him Kevin! (Not after me but after the purple minion whose hair apparently resembles the chilli)

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