10th July

Third day at Newmarket,  first actual show day. Traffic was awful on the A2 so it took over 2 hours to get there. The two young lads were there agt. Not sure what the point of them is. The only useful thing they did all day was make me a cup of tea and that was awful. I’d been told to transfer the camera files onto a hard drive at the end of the show and give it to them so they can give it to the client. I did wonder why I couldn’t just give it to the client myself but hey ho! There was even a moment when the client communicated a script change to them and I thought like they’d know!

Anyway about an hour later as I wss finishing my lunch I bumped into the client and she told me she needed the disc by 3pm. I explained that I’d given it to them an hour previously and then had to go off and find them.  When I did they said they’d left it in the marquee but neither of them offered to go and get it. So I had to walk over in the rain and get it myself. I think the client might be starting to see how things are!

Beth came round tonight. She had some sad news – her gran, who already suffers from dementia, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and probably only has about 3 months left. I feel quite sad because I’ve known her for 35 years and we remained on quite good terms even after I split up with her daughter. She even invited Sarah into her home along with Ben when he was only a few months old. The only consolation is that she isn’t aware of what’s happening.

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