15th July

Well I wasn’t expecting that!

I’d expected to spend the day with a very unhappy client but ended up coming home with a bottle of wine that she bought me! She told the boss I was brilliant as well!

In other news:

Some berk parked his flat bed truck outside our house last night and this morning started loading stuff into it at around 5am! Then he drove it off but not before reversing and waking me up again as the reversing warning beep went off – what a tosser!

And talking of Tossers!


Gove has gone from education – most of the teachers in the country (well those who are still left) must be rejoicing tonight!

Here are a couple of my favourite reactions!

Michael Gove is out. Brilliant. That’ll teach him.

I hope Michael Gove remembered to put his chair on his desk for the cleaner before he left.

Michael Gove’s one remarkable achievement was to be the most unpopular minister in a cabinet that contained George Osborne and Jeremy Hunt.

That hissing sound you can hear is millions of teachers and parents breathing sigh of relief.

No. 10 confirms sacked Education Secretary Michael Gove will not be a full member of the Cabinet. So he’s basically just a Supply Minister.

and finally

Michael Gove. You either loathe him or you hate him.


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