16th July

I’d asked my brother to contact the solicitor dealing with my Dad’s estate to find out when we could realistically expect the money to be distributed. I told him I wouldn’t except “I don’t know” as an answer as she had had plenty time to find out. I waited 3 days before I got this response…..

I reckon we should hear something / receive the first cheque in the next week.  This is obviously my best guess as large institutions are sometimes unwieldy.  Fingers crossed for a quicker result.

So i fed this into my Solicitor Bullshit translation system and it came out as “I don’t know” so I went ballistic! I told him that the answer was sloppy,lazy and unprofessional – there are, after all, only two banks to contact so how long would it have taken to contact them and find out what the timescales were?

I’ll tell you how long – about 20 minutes! I know this because I did just that. I phoned Barclays and told them the story and while he said he couldn’t tell me specifics he could tell me that it was usually between 5 to 10 working days unless the account was dormant in which case it could take 3-4 weeks. I asked what he meant by dormant and he said if it hadn’t been used in 3 years.

I then phone Virgin who could help me – they checked the system and could tell me that the request to close the account was received the previous day and the money had already been transferred into the solicitors account.

Why she couldn’t have found that information out in 3 days I don’t know…….oh yes I do she’s a lazy arse solicitor! Oh and why the extreme difference between the two banks – oh yes Barclays is a money grabbing tight arse bunch of wankers!

Anyway I digress.

I then phoned the solicitors dealing with the house sale/purchase and got another load of frustration from that call but in the end it swung round (mostly due to my pushing) and started to look quite promising.

I then rang the Building society to get an updated settlement figure for the mortgage and one of the security questions was “what is your monthly payment” – I knew the rough amount but she wanted to know the exact amount so I logged into my online banking system and when I did this is what I saw!!!

account balance 2

We’re still short of the overall total we need to move but it’s well on the way! We’ve got enough to buy the house and pay the solicitors fees but still need a few thousand for the removal expenses! BUT we’re a damn sight closer than we were this morning!

I went to give blood this evening!


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