17th July

Packed up my Mac for a job tomorrow – here is my super slim Macbook Pro along with the box of stuff I need to make it work!


Carnage on the M25 for the second day running.  Yesterday four lorries collided in the tunnel causing massive tailbacks and today it was a lorry crashing into the central barrier and shedding a load of wood

One of the guys at work warned me about it yesterday and I was able to avoid it by going down the M20. Today I also knew about it but when I checked online it said that Police expected it to be clear by 6 pm. It wasn’t!

So when I got to the motorway and saw it was solid I decided to head south and go an alternative route. By the time I turned off at the next junction I still hadn’t passed the end of the queue on the north bound side! It took me about two hours to get home going that way but at least I wasn’t sitting in traffic in the sweltering heat.

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