18th July

A late start this morning as I didn’t have to be up in town until 12:30 so I popped into Sarah’s school with her to pick up some boxes of stuff that she has had stashed in the cupboard in the IT suite since she stopped working in there. The room is being turned back into a classroom soon and she was worried she was going to lose her personal items.

My job in London was to edit the footage shot earlier that day at an unveiling of a statue by HRH The Duke of Cambridge. The statue was of a little known navigator called Matthew Flinders who was responsible for mapping much of the coast of Australia and is also credited with naming the continent as well. The statue will be placed at Euston station which is where he is believed to be buried.They also named a Virgin train after him at the same time.

still 1I was taken back tot he clients offices to do the editing and then left on my own for ages. After about an hour and a half I decided to work out if I could make myself a coffee which I managed to do! I was contemplating the bottles of wine that lay around the office but thought that might be too cheeky! Eventually the client came back and was pleased with what I’d done so far so we sat and went through the speeches and picked out bits to put in the video. Another person came back and cracked open a bottle of champagne and I got offered a glass (yes I do get paid for this!). Eventually the Agent General for South Australia and his Deputy turned up and watched the video – they were really pleased with it and I ended up with a bottle of wine for the second time this week! (This one was worth about £22 as far as I could google!).

still 2The journey home was awful –  apart from the intense heat there were delays at London Bridge station which meant I ended up waiting for ages for a train. When it did arrive it was so hot that by the time I got home I just had to change all my clothes.


In the evening there was a massive thunderstorm with this really weird cloud that came right over the top of the house – we found out later it’s called a supercell and is very rare in the UK. The rain just fell out of the sky and a massive electrical storm raged overhead for about an hour. We were quite glad that we hadn’t got tickets for the UB40 concert down in the castle inRochester. We were even more glad when we found out there had been lots of confusion and anger going on!

Sounds like the whole thing was a major f*ck up anyway. The band only did a few songs before the gig had to be stopped because of the lightning and heavy rain. The stewards then told everyone that was it, the band wouldn’t be coming back as there was a 10;30 curfew and started clearing the castle grounds. Then after most people had gone the band came back on at 10:30! Still why does it surprise me that Medway council couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. To add to all the annoyance it would also seem that the bloke from the council slipped his own band onto the bill between the support act and the headliners despite the constant announcements from the stage about the weather – so all the disgruntled punters are now saying why couldn’t UB40 have come on earlier! There’s already a Facebook page calling for refunds – I can see this one is going to run and run!!

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