20th – 25th July

Oh blimey another stressful period where blogging has gone out of the window. Most of this time was spent trying to exchange contracts on the new house which finally did happen on the afternoon of the 23rd. So we’re moving on the 7th August – yikes!

The 23rd was also Sarah’s last day at work. She handed her notice in first thing and said that he hardly did a thing all day because she spent most of it explaining what we were doing to her friends. There was lots of tears and she came home with a bunch of roses. I was supposed to hand my notice in too but we’ve decided that I’m going to try and change my hours to work part time under this new law they brought in in June. I ran it past both directors and so far things seem to be positive – so fingers crossed.

Oh joy – I found out this week that I seem to have contracted worms! I’d had a really itchy bottom and just happened to mention to Sarah that it only seemed to affect me in the evenings and she told me that was a classic symptom! So I had to go to see the pharmacist and get a tablet which seems to have done the trick. My first thought was that I caught them from the cat – Jubbly seems to have recurring worm infections, in fact one day we could see them crawling along the tiles in the utility area – yuck. However it doesn’t seem likely as they tend not to jump species so the suspicion moved to the French student who used my towel when he left his upstairs!

I had Friday off as we were supposed to be going to the Kent VW festival but as we’ve got so much to do I ended up spending the day packing stuff and sorting stuff out including two trips to the dump and one to the charity shop!

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