2nd September

We went to get mine and Ben’s haircut today. There is a barber’s in the village called Hers and Sirs but Sarah had seen one on our travels called Dads and Lads and she decided we should go there. It was a lovely drive through the countryside, very scenic to a village called Dipton.  The ladies who ran it were lovely too.

Afterwards we had to go into Consett so we popped into Tesco to pick up a few bits. We then headed home for lunch.

In the afternoon we headed into Bishop Auckland to buy some paint in Wilkinsons. When we moved out of our old house we left the doorbell behind because we knew that there was one at the new house. Unfortunately when we got there it didn’t work – he’d demonstrated it by pressing the button on the inside unit but the outside push didn’t work grrr! So after going round Wilko’s three times I finally found the doorbells and they were more expensive than I hoped at £14. Still we needed one so we had to buy it.

When I got home and went to remove the old push button I discovered where the problem lay and was able to fix it. Luckily I discovered this before I opened the packet on the new one so we can take it back – phew! There was then a very long debate to decide which chime to go for. As we couldn’t agree we ended up with one that simply goes ding dong!!

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