We moved house!


It’s ironic isn’t it? At the time of your life when there’s so much to write about it also turns out to be the time when you have the least time to write it down. August passed by in a blur of packing moving, travelling back down to London for four days at work and then a holiday. It was over before I’d even noticed it had begun!

So I’ve missed out on writing about lots of things that happen like how the Solicitors, the building and the Bank between them nearly made us homeless on completion day. I had been worried that the money from my Dad’s estate wouldn’t be in on time but luckily for us it arrived earlier than we expected so it was all sitting in our bank waiting for the solicitors to tell us how much we needed to transfer into their account. I’d asked for the figure many times and I’d told them that I didn’t want it to be left until the last minute but that was exactly what happened.

The building society wouldn’t tell them the settlement figure because they hadn’t written “We are acting on behalf of….” in their letter. Then they sat on sending the revised letter through for a few days. Once they did get the figure, facilitated by me sitting with the Building Society on one phone and the solicitor on the other till it was sorted out, I still didn’t get the figure till late afternoon the day before we moved. I rang the back straight away and after they’d transferred the money they told me it wouldn’t clear in time.


It took a couple of hours and a phone call to the Fraud team at the bank to get it sorted. At one point they asked me how long we’d lived in our current house. Then they asked where we lived before so I told them. Then they asked for the postcode and I couldn’t remember it. My heart then suck imagining that our whole move was about to fall apart just because I could remember the postcode of a house I lived in 7 years ago! Thankfully it didn’t and the money was transferred within an hour!



Then there was packing and in particular clearing out the garage! We’d rented a garage of a local housing association when we moved in 2007 as a temporary measure. Seven years on and it was still full of stuff. We started to sort it out a few weeks before we moved but as other things got in the way it got put off and put off. Besides there was little point in bringing stuff back to the house and clogging it up too soon. So on the Monday night I went and filled the car with stuff and took it back to the house and put it in the shed. Incidentally I should mention the shed as well – that took some packing up and it probably had a lot to do with the fact that the garage got left till last. The shed took me all weekend to sort out so by Monday night I could start putting boxes in there.

On Tuesday night on the way back from work I collected another car full and put them in the shed. This time one of the boxes filled with books fell to pieces at the shed door. I was so fed up by this point I ended up kicked the box till it was almost disintegrated! I then had to find another box, or two smaller ones, to put the books in. Typically enough it started to rain almost as soon as the books hit the ground!

On the day before the move I got up and headed to the garage. There still seemed to be sooooo much stuff in there. I loaded the car with stuff that we were keeping and drove it back to the house. This lot had to go in the living room as the shed was now stuffed. Then I drove back to the garage and loaded the car again with stuff that had to go to the dump this time. It was packed and I struggled to get the last thing in. Then I struggled to get it back out again as it wouldn’t fit. Then I destroyed it and in the process worked out how I could have folded it up! I went off to the dump where I was amused to join the council workmen in a discussion about Quantum Physics!

Back to the garage for a third time and this time it was finally empty. I had 3 boxes of book that I no longer had room for so I took them down to a local second hand book shop. They said they didn’t want them but pointed me in the direction of another bookshop. This guy did buy them but for only £25 – much less than I would have like but better than plan B which was to take them to a charity shop. I then had to drive to the offices of the Housing Association to hand the keys back. All this had taken 2 hours longer than I’d anticipated!


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