4th September

Had to go to Uxbridge today. The whole idea of this new contract is that I don’t head south for a single day but there were extenuating circumstances. This job had been hanging around for a while and a bit held up due to holidays and move. Also the client is one I know will be on the hit list of the three former colleagues who left the company recently to set up on their own so I felt it would be a good idea to go down and see them. I didn’t like the idea of the five hour drive each way but then I remembered that it had, in the past, taken me three hours to get there from Gillingham in the past so it was only another 2 hours from Durham. I was worried how much it would cost me but in the end I filled up as I left Bishop Auckland and got all the way to Uxbridge and back to Weatherby on a single tank (and I’m pretty sure I’d have made it to Scotch Corner if I’d wanted to push it! Si it didn’t cost me much more than I’ll be able to claim back.

Sarah rang me as I was on route. She couldn’t believe it! She was standing in the playground on Ben’s second day at school when she saw someone she knew! There was a young lad and his mum that she recognised as having gone to the school where she worked in Chatham. Not only is the lad in Ben’s class but they live almost opposite us as well. How weird is that – we randomly move 300 miles to a small obscure village at the other end of the country and it turns out she knows someone!!

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