5th September

Sarah had to go to Sunderland to hand in some documents at an agency she’s registered with. I was supposed to be working today but I’d done four hours work on Tuesday when I was meant to be off so that was ok! The office of the agency was in the centre of the city but in a place that was a pain to get out of once I’d driven in! It dawned on me that the building was what used to be a photographic & HiFi shop that I’d bought my record player from about 34 years ago (and it’s still going!). It actually turned out to be a few doors down but what do you expect after aall these years!

while I was waiting I drove off to find somewhere to park. I eventually parked on a single yellow line down an obscure back street down by where I used to sign on many many years ago. It was a quiet street and while I was there about 6 cars drove down it in about 40 minutes. I wasn’t causing any obstruction so I couldn’t work out why a traffic warden suddenly appeared. So I had to drive off and find somewhere else. I ended up parked in another street opposite teh block of flats I lived in from 1983 to 1985.

We ended up in Asda in Grangetown where my Nana used to live looking for PE shorts for Ben – we’d asked on Monday if he’d needed his PE kit this week and were told no but he’d done it yesterday and had to borrow some shorts. He’d gone in today with a temporary PE kits as he’d had it again but today he’d needed jogging bottoms which luckily we’d bought in Primark on Wednesday. After we picked him up from school we had to drive down to Wolsingham to buy a swimming hat atthe pool as he needs it for swimming on Monday – oh my word it’s all go!

We had booked the veggie van to come tonight but he was quite late. He was supposed to be coming between 5 and 5:30 but it was gone 6 by the time he arrived. We were waiting for him to come as we wanted some onions to make a lasagne but typically once we’d got the onions we discovered the mince had gone off! We bought all this for £4.50


We ended up going to the chippy for dinner instead!

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