6th September

We went to Sunderland for the 3rd time this week today. Sarah and Lissi were getting their eyebrows done by our friend Nicola and Ben was looking forward to seeing her son Ethan.

We had to wait till Lissi finished work before going and we popped into my Step Mum’s to drop off the boarding passes for her trip to Spain that I’d booked online. I stood in the kitchen and talked to her husband Eddie. He was sorting out the veg he’d grown on his allotment which made me jealous that I couldn’t grow anything this year but excited about doing so next year.

We managed to get Lissi back to the village just in time for her next shift at 6pm before heading off to Tesco to buy food. Afterwards we discovered that Matalan was still open so we popped in to buy Ben some trainers for school. While Sarah was looking I found a hat so I ended up buying that as well.

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