7th September

Had to head back south today but first there was a shed load of things to do! As we were going through them I did wonder if Sarah had remembered that I had a five hour drive to do! Sarah wanted to start decorating our bedroom so we had to pull all of the furniture, including the two wardrobes, away from the walls so she could get herself and the ladder in! On top of this I had to pack, get all my stuff down from the attic, clean out the cat lit tray, sort out transport for Lissi next week and cook dinner!

But first we started with a full English. I had mine with black pudding and brown sauce – very northern!

I also managed to get some work done in the garden as well, cutting the grass and pulling out some weeds. All the cuttings went, of course, into the compost bin along with a mountain of teabags and other kitchen debris. It’s actually starting to look a bit like it should now the stuff is starting to rot down.

Then as Sarah continued to paint I cooked a roast dinner for just the two of us. Lissi was at work till 5pm so Sarah and I sat down to roast chicken, stuffing, roast potatoes, veg and yorkshires followed by cheesecake before I had to set off back to the south! I left about 5:30 and drove right through arriving at Sarah’s mum’s at about 11. Luckily I got to the Dartford crossing after 10pm so didn’t have to pay!

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