10th September


Spent most of the day under my desk! Or at least that was how it felt! As I said on Monday the wall between the edit suite and the rest of the graphics office had been knocked down and my work area was a mess. I had to get an edit done so I had been doing bits and bobs for the last two days but today I had free to re-organise things. It had been decreed what I was keeping and what was going so I started to sort things out. When I removed the shelf unit, that I’d been told had to go, there was so much muck behind it! So much so I had to go and get Henry the hoover from downstairs!

It took me a while to work out the best way to lay out my desk but I got there eventually, or at least I thought I had! When I came to plug my Mac back together I discovered that the cables on what I’d been using as the main monitor were too short to reach the box down on the floor in the position I wanted it so I had to swap the two monitors round and now I’ll have to use the secondary monitor as my main monitor – which is no bad thing as it’s bigger but not as bright.

Eventually I managed to get it all done but now I seem to have much less space than I had before and nowhere to put any pieces of paper I might be using. Oh well I’ll just have to see how it goes!

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