12th September

I got up to take Lissi to Consett twenty minutes before we were due to leave and discovered that she wasn’t actually up yet! There was a mad dash to get her out the door and we arrived at Consett bus station just as the bus was arriving! It was quite misty but beautiful with the sun trying hard to break through. It’s a beautiful drive at the best of times but it looked extra special this morning.


I had some work to do and then we had to go into Bishop Auckland to get some shopping. We had planned to go to Wilkinsons to take the doorbell back but we ran out of time and we had to dash back to pick Ben up. Then I had to go over to Consett to pick up Lissi again. Then we loaded up the car and headed off to Scotland – except we had said we’d call in at the Stepmum’s as Becky hadn’t seen her for a long time – possibly since my Dad died as she was hit hard by his death and wouldn’t go to the house.

On the way to her house we remembered two things. Firstly we would have to go through the Tyne Tunnel for which we’d need £1.60 so we had to have a rummage to find enough change! Secondly, and more importantly, we had forgotten to bring any teabags with us! Odd really as we’d remembered the milk! So we had to stop at a shop and buy teabags, sugar and coffee!

We got to the caravan site at about 8pm and once we’ve got the bags inside we set off to find a chippy – we drove to the village and then round the area but couldn’t find anything so we went back tot he first place we saw only to find it closed at 9pm. At this point we had only one choice and that was the kebab shop but luckily it did stuff that Ben would eat.

Five minutes after we went to bed Becky threw up!

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