13th September


Went to Edinburgh for the day. We drove most of the way then pulled off the A1 to go to a park and train stop at Newcraighall and caught the train into Edinburgh Waverly. Obviously as soon as we got there food was required. Ben was grumpy and wanted McDonalds but Xara wanted to find somewhere that sold Haggis so I directed her and Becky to Rose street while we took Ben for a happy meal.

After lunch we went off to find the pair of them but this ended up with me “having” to go into a record shop! I could have spent a fortune! They had the new Robert Plant on vinyl plus a copy of Marquee Moon and a couple of Sun Ra discs as well. That lot on it’s own would have set me back in excess of £60! I mused that it doesn’t seem that long ago since I would have stood in a record shop wondering if I should spend the extra money to buy the CD rather than the LP and now here I am thinking the exact opposite!

We then went off to find the Camera Obscura. There are two things I remember about coming to Edinburgh with my mum and dad when I was about six. One was the castle which I know we visited because there is a photo of Garry and I on one of the cannons. The other one was the camera obscura. I remember being in the darkened room looking at the images of the city projected onto the circular screen. It hadn’t changed at all – well the actual camera hadn’t but I bet the rest of the displays weren’t there back in about 1967!


It was fun though as we played with all the exhibits. Ben loves this thought of stuff, think a career in science beckons! My personal favourite was the vortex. A huge rotating light tunnel with a metal bridge running through the centre. I love  the way that the visual stimulus can actually convince your body that the bridge is moving so much so that I found myself being thrown against the edge of the bridge. I went through twice, once more than Ben and two times more than Sarah!!



When we came out we realised we were right next to the castle entrance but it was closed. We had a look in a shop next to the gate which sold Scotish products. When we came out Becky asked if I’d seen anything good in there and I replied “yes a nice Harris Tweed jacket, a kilt and sporran and a set of bagpipes but your mum wouldn’t let me buy any of them!” We walked back to the train station and caught the train back to the car. We then drove to a carvery and had a lovely meal before heading back to the caravan.

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