6th October

Working from home today

I have several pet hates about creating presentations and this client seems to be hitting them all!

I hate it when they indignantly point out spelling errors and you check back and the reason you spelt it wrong is because they sent it to you that way!

Or when they want to change something in version 4 that’s been in versions 1,2 and 3!

Or when they send over a new script and you’ve got to go all the way through it to find the changes!

Or when you get sent changes at 8:40 on a Friday night and seriously expect you to not only pick up the e-mail but do the changes and send it back to them!

Anyway jobs tomorrow and they’ve been told that any further changes will have to be done on site!

Been trying to get a cv and covering letter together to apply for a job with a local company.  That’d be cool as not only would i not have to drive down south every other week but we’d have a load more money to play with.  I’ve been putting the letter together on my new tablet which is also what I’m blogging from. 

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