7th October

Another day working from home but first I had to take Lissi into Consett and what a beautiful morning for driving over the hills. Clear blues skies in complete contrast to the wet miserable day yesterday. 

I got really wound up about that Keynote presentation as the PM rang me to say he’d unzipped it and it wasn’t a keynote. However as he’d unzipped it on a pc which wouldn’t have recognised it. I decided to try on the mac and the bloody thing wouldn’t unzip. I started to panic as i knew how long it took to send it. I tried to unzip it using the programme instead and that worked and that was when i realised I’d sent the previous version by mistake. I started to send it again but that seemed pointless so I sent the changes and the logo that I’d changed to have a transparent background. Then the PM rang to say that it wouldn’t open in Keynote and we discovered that the Mac he had had the older version on it. That was something he was going to have to sort out himself!

Ben and I were going to get our haircut tomorrow but Sarah got offered a days work in a school near to where my Gran used to live so instead we went off to Lads and Dads tonight as it was open till 7. I even got brave and got her to trim my beard as well!

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